Friday, June 5, 2009

32 week pregnant belly

My pregnant belly at 32 weeks & 5 days (32w5d). It's really getting bigger & harder. My belly used to feel harder as the day went on but pretty soft in the morning when I wake up. Now it's hard when I wake up in the more "jelly belly". I just hope I continue to stay withOUT stretch marks!


Yakini said...

Yes, i know! A pregnant belly is SO hard!

Do you ever look at your stomach and SEE your baby moving/kicking in there??? Its so incredible! :-)

Keeping my fingers crossed that you Do NOT get stretch marks. I hoped and prayed that i wouldnt either....but unfortunately got a few around the belly button and abdomen area in the last couple of weeks. Boo!!! It was so weird, because i didnt see them at all while my stomach was big/stretched. They only showed up afterward. *shrug* I dunno.... my mom and sister never got them, so definitely not every woman will experience this.

Wow, u are at the home stretch now! So exciting!!!!