Friday, June 12, 2009

33 week pregnant belly (that's moving)

I've been pretty bad with blogging! But I've been pretty good with taking my weekly belly picture. My belly at 33 weeks & 5 days (33w5d). It seems like it's really growing now & getting very round. She is moving so much & I'm seeing (and feeling) such weird lumps coming out from mt belly. The other day I was laying on my side on the couch, I felt her move so I looked down & what looked like a head was popping out. I felt it & it was so hard & round it was nuts! I called my hubby to feel & he was like "oh wow!". Yesterday when I was getting up in the morning I looked down & my belly had a point coming out like it was her foot or something pushing my belly like she's trying to get out. Such a crazy feeling I love it!


joeyandaleethea said...

How awesome that your belly shots are taken in the same outfit and pose too! Man I wish I would've done that, that would make such a fantastic collage! Congratulations, first babies (all babies!) are just so amazing. Have a super fun and relaxing final weeks of this completely precious time in your life!! :D

Bounty said...

Wow what a bump!! Congratulations! Your look fantastic! :-) Have loved reading your blog! I Just had my first baby, such a wonderful experience. Did you already choose the name? Have a glance here it's a great site to search names by popularity and origin. Finger and toes crossed for you and your baby! Jo