Friday, May 29, 2009

32 week follow up

Now my OB doctor visits have been changed from monthly to every 2 weeks (last week was a holiday weekend so this time is was 3 weeks). I woke up at 6 am this morning & tried so very hard not to eat or drink anything besides water. They check my urine for sugar & if I eat it could mess up the test...I just couldn't wait any longer so I had to go & get my toasted bagel with butter & a YooHoo, my normal breakfast. I felt so guilty the entire walk to the bakery & back but I was just so hungry! I figured I've been good at every other appointment & since I had that major glucose test 3 weeks ago it wouldn't be that big of a deal if the test taken this morning was a bit off.
I got to the office they did the normal vital signs (all good), weight (gained 4 lbs in 3 weeks to make it a total of 44 lbs = big fat slob!) and the urine (I told her I ate) but it was still normal. The doctor measured my belly & she said "perfect" with a smile. We heard the baby's heartbeat which was nice & strong. While we were listening she smiled & and the baby had hiccups. I heard what she was talking about but I didn't really feel them. I still haven't felt the baby having hiccups just always kicking & moving around. We went over my blood work from the last visit where I did the glucose test & she said that came back normal, thank god! That same day she did CBC & found that my platelet count is a bit low, normal is 140 & mine is 132. I asked her how that affects the baby, she said it doesn't affect the baby but me. As long as it doesn't do anything to the baby I'm A OK. After doing some googling I found that this can be "induced by the pregnancy" so hoping after the little one is born I'll go back to normal (crossing fingers). She gave me a paper with a name & number of someone at my hospital & said that me & my husband should go for a tour of the hospital. She also gave me a paper & said to go for another ultrasound in 3 weeks! Yay! I was so happy to hear that! The last *medical* ultrasound I had was my big ultrasound at 18 weeks so it's been a while. She said that was just to make sure everything is measuring out good.
Another great doctor appointment!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

31 week pregnant belly

My pregnant belly at 31 weeks & 5 days (31w5d). I keep meaning to take another picture at the end of the same day but I forget. As I mentioned before my belly looks huge at the end of the day. Hopefully one day this week I'll remember.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Pregnant Survey

I saw this pregnant survey on so I decided to post it here.....

Name: J.D.

Age: 31
Birthday: 12/77
Birth Place: Bronx, NY
Height: 5'8"
Pre-weight: 150 (was 140 but gained 10lbs during wedding & cruise...)
Father's Name: F.D.
Age: 32
Birthday: 4/77
Birth Place: Bronx, NY
Height: 6'1"

Are you still together? Yes. Been together 12 yrs married 7 months
How did you find out you were pregnant? With a home pregnancy test the day my period was expected.

What kind of Pregnancy test did you take? First Response then Clear Blue easy.
How many? 5 at home & still didn't believe it until I went to the doctor's office.
What were your 1st symptoms? Hungry
Who did you tell first? husband
Who was with you when you found out? I was alone
My 1st reaction: I didn't believe it for a while but when I did I was very HAPPY!
Was your baby planned? YES! Made sure we did it every day during my fertile days.
When was the baby conceived? October 30th-ish
How far were you when you found out? I took a pregnancy test a few days before my period was due & it came out negative (must have been too early). Then I took the test the day my period was due so I knew right away.
How did your parents react? VERY happy! This will be their 1st grandchild.

My baby
Due Date: July 23th
Do you want to know the sex? YES!
Do you know the sex? Yup!
If so, boy or girl? GIRL!
Any names? Fiona Ashley but it *might* change.
Any Ultrasounds? 1st one at 8 weeks. The 2nd one at 12 weeks. The 3rd at 18 weeks. Paid for a 3D/4D at 27 weeks. My OB said I'll get another one in a few weeks.
Have you heard the heart beat? Yes. I've heard it for the 1st time at the 8 week ultrasound & hear it at each doctor appointment every month.
Who do you think it will look like? From the 3D ultrasound she looks like she has his nose & lips.
Will the baby have siblings? Not yet.
Have you felt the baby move? Yes! She wiggles like crazy!

Did you have morning sickness? No (knock on wood). I have had my days where I feel sick but not a daily thing it's usually in the evening.
Did you have any cravings? No, I wish I did. It would be cool to later on think I ate some weird stuff.
Did you have any mood swings? Oh lord yes! My husband gets them the most...poor guy.
Are you a high risk pregnancy? no
Any complications? So far no (knock on wood)

Formula or Breastfeeding? I'm gonna really really try breastfeeding. I don't even like my husband on my breasts so I'm not sure how this will be.

Have you bought anything for the baby yet? Just bought the 1st things the other day. A NY Yankees onesie that's super cute. We also got the crib & dresser that's ready for pick up at Babies R Us.
When did you start to show? I started gaining a lot of weight fast because I quit smoking & had lost a lot of weight before getting pregnant. My belly seemed to pop at around 18 weeks.

How long could you wear your regular clothes? I couldn't fit into my regular/skinny jeans about a month later but, wore my fat jeans until about 3 months I think then started maternity clothes.
Will you keep the baby's clothes? Yes! I hope to have more kids & if I don't I have a girl the next time, I have many younger family members that may start having kids at some point. Or I could make a quilt or something with them.
Home or Hospital? Hospital.
Natural or Medicated birth? Hope for a natural
Who will be in the delivery room with you? My husband. I wanted my mom but my hubs just wants it to be us.
Do you think you will need a C-section? No, I don't think so.
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the 1st time? Oh god yes! I cry when I watch "A Baby Story" on TV when other people hold their babies for the 1st time.
What's the 1st thing you might say to the baby? "OMG! You are the cutest thing ever" or "OMG! I have a baby" or I might be speechless & just stare at her.

Will you let anyone video tape the birth? I hope my husband does but I doubt it.
Are you excited? Yes I am!
Who will help you with the baby after the birth? Besides my husband, my mom.
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? Attention. I also like that I don't have to do any strenuous work or carry anything heavy.
What is the worst thing about being pregnant? Getting FAT! My thighs & ass are huge!!
What's one thing you miss doing since being pregnant? Honestly--smoking cigarettes (I do hope to stay quit afterwards). I also miss drinking lots of regular Pepsi (caffeine free soda's getting lame)
Any days you wish you were not pregnant? No.
Are you ready for a baby? Mentally I'm ready. Physically I'm not-- we have nothing for the baby.
Do you have insurance? No I don't think so. I do have life insurance that comes with my medical benefits/union at work but it's not much.
How many kids do you want? 2 or 3 hopefully.
Do you talk to the baby? No but I think about her all the time.
Do you still feel attractive? Lord no! I feel so fat & ugly
Have you had your baby shower yet? No. My mom won't tell me when it is. I don't want to get anything for the baby until we see what we get at the shower but i don't think the shower is until the end of June.
Do you like kids? Ummmmm......sometimes.
How far along are you now? 30w4d!

Friday, May 15, 2009

First baby purchase

I made my 1st baby purchase the other day while up at my parents house crib/dresser shopping. They have a Walmart up there so since we were in there looking at the cribs I checked out the baby clothes. When I saw this NY Yankees onesie with a matching bib & booties I HAD to buy it!


After Walmart we came down to my area & went to Babies R Us where we got the crib & matching dresser. I knew I wanted to get a natural or honey color wood and I wanted the dresser to have the changing cushion on top so once I saw this I loved it.

I really don't want to buy much until after I see what we get from the baby shower. Since I'm waiting for the baby shower I really can't get the nursery ready which kinda stinks. I still have 2 months to go so I have time.....but then again I'm only getting bigger & bigger and it's getting hotter & hotter so I'm not gonna wanna do much around here.

30 weeks pregnant belly

A picture of my pregnant belly at exactly 30 weeks (30w0d). My belly looks so different in the morning than the evening. I have to remember next week when I take my picture twice that day. I will take one 1st thing in the morning at 7am while I'm getting ready for work which is on a completely empty stomach. Then I will take one later that evening at 9pm when I get out of work & have eaten. I'll have the same clothes on & I will put them side by side so you can really see the huge difference (literally, hehe) . My belly is huge at night & I feel so bloated. I'm so glad I've been taking my belly shots the 1st thing in the morning the entire pregnancy because I think they're more accurate.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting beat up!

For the last 2 or 3 weeks this little girl is beating me up from the inside! I've read that you're supposed to sit down when your baby is the most active & count their movements. They are supposed to kick, wiggle, elbow, tickle, 10 times in a 2 hour period every day (and if they're not to call your doctor). This little girl probably "wiggling" 10 times in 10 MINUTES! I'm not really sure how she is laying in my stomach but I feel her all over the place mainly below my belly button. There have been a couple times I've felt her at or just above my belly button area but its always below. Sometimes it feels like she is jumping on my hip bone because then a second later I feel something like her head on the complete other side of my stomach. I'll look down & my belly is jumping. I watched a few videos on YouTube where people recorded the movements at around 35ish weeks & some of these videos are wild. It's like putting the baby under a sheet & watching the movements from the other side-- that's how some of these videos look. I have a feeling that's how things will be for me in a few weeks!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

28 weeks Pregnant Belly

My pregnant belly at 28 weeks (28w1d to be exact). It's crazy to look back at all my belly pictures. I should have taken a picture wearing the exact same clothes each time, standing the exact same way so I can do a flip-book type video so it looks like my belly is just growing....but you gotta be good in that kind of stuff for it to look good. Maybe with my next pregnancy I'll do that...HA!, already thinking of the "next" pregnancy & I haven't even had this baby yet!