Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting beat up!

For the last 2 or 3 weeks this little girl is beating me up from the inside! I've read that you're supposed to sit down when your baby is the most active & count their movements. They are supposed to kick, wiggle, elbow, tickle, 10 times in a 2 hour period every day (and if they're not to call your doctor). This little girl probably "wiggling" 10 times in 10 MINUTES! I'm not really sure how she is laying in my stomach but I feel her all over the place mainly below my belly button. There have been a couple times I've felt her at or just above my belly button area but its always below. Sometimes it feels like she is jumping on my hip bone because then a second later I feel something like her head on the complete other side of my stomach. I'll look down & my belly is jumping. I watched a few videos on YouTube where people recorded the movements at around 35ish weeks & some of these videos are wild. It's like putting the baby under a sheet & watching the movements from the other side-- that's how some of these videos look. I have a feeling that's how things will be for me in a few weeks!


Jamie said...

I'm just starting to feel movement so I guess this is the craziness I have to look forward to :)

Crysi said...

I know how you feel! Baby A was just dancing up a storm. I swear, they never sleep! Adia was the same way though and what do ya know, she still doesn't like to sleep. I'm doomed.

elisa said...

I just read your entire blog. My due date is August 16, so a little later than yours, but reading your blog made me think about my own 'journey' until today and I really regret not writing anything down. My girl is kicking me like crazy too. The other day I put the remote control on my belly and it was almost flying off :)