Monday, December 29, 2008

Hormones kicked in

I'm at 10 weeks now & I've had a pretty ok 1st trimester so far. I've only puked like 2 times (the 1st time I posted about but the 2nd time was the other night that woke me up out of my sleep), the nausea happens here & there, and most of the day everyday I have an annoying (sickly) feeling in my stomach but nothing bad at all, totally deal-able and I get mad & start screaming at Frank sometimes for silly stuff but I usually just let things go after a bit..... Well, Christmas day it just hit me!!! I'm not good with changes & this Xmas was all different. For the past 30 years my parents have had Christmas at their what we usually do it go to my parents for breakfast, Franks parents for the middle of the day (since they are only 15 minutes away), I leave & have dinner at my parents & then Frank comes back to my parents for desert (since it's my b-day on xmas & we have a cake). Altho we have been together for 12 years this is our 1st year as a married couple so I guess we should spend the entire day together. This year Christmas dinner was not at my parents but at my Aunt's house 1 hour & 30 minutes from my house (and 50 minutes from Frank's parents).

While at Frank's parents I got so upset for NO reason. Long story short I started crying in the bathroom & after I stopped I had to leave & go to my Aunts. I figured the time alone would give me time to calm down. When I got outside I started BALLING!!! I couldn't stop crying until I was almost at my Aunts. It was a cry where you take a deep breath ever few seconds cuz you're crying so had!! It was CRAZY, there was NO reason for it but I couldn't stop! As I'm crying I'm asking myself why am I crying. It wasd totally crazy & I really hope it doesn't happen again.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Colace (a straight forward post)

If you get grossed out easy I wouldn't read any further. I'm being pretty blunt & descriptive about pooping....hey, it's my journal :)

I'm not the type to poop every day, actually if I go weekly then I'm happy. I'm on methadone maintenance program & that really makes it difficult to go. Before I got pregnant I would take 2 Dulcolax pills once a week if I didn't go, that would basically clean me out. Once I found out I was pregnant I couldn't take the laxatives anymore, I was just waiting to see. OMG it was hell....if I did go it's like little hard marbles. I would try taking more fiber in my diet, eat more fruit especially grapes but I'm not very good at eating healthy every day. Finally on my last doctor's appointment I asked her about taking Colace--she said to take 100mg twice a day. The first 3 days I took it once & I saw a slight improvement on the 3rd day (since it takes up to 3 days to take effect). Now for the last week I've been taking it twice a day & it's getting much better...the marbles are starting to be more like doughnut holes (sorry). I'm not going everyday but I am going a couple times a week which is soooo much better than what I was doing before. If you are having trouble give Docusate Sodium (Colace) a try (take to your doctor first of course), all it does it add water to your bowels to make it easier to pass.

Prenate Elite discontinued

I was very upset to find out when I called the pharmacy for a refill on my prenatal vitamins that they are now no longer being made. The pharmacist said they called my doctor but she didn't return the call, I guess she wasn't around for Christmas week. Instead I bought generic prenatal vitamins to take while I'm waiting for a new prescription. As I'm trying to google why they were discontinued bad thoughts are going thru my mind. I guess I just have just continue taking these "Natures Bounty" prenatal vitamins. The only good thing is that these tell you to take them with food in your stomach where the Prenate Elete said to take them on an empty stomach.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monthly Follow up

I went for my monthly exam on Friday & everything seems to be going well. They took my vital signs, urine & weight. My weight was a MAJOR problem to be....I gained 11 lbs in ONE freakin month!! I knew it would happen because I quit smoking a month ago & everyone gains weight when you quit. I also figured I'd gain because I had lost that 30lbs before my wedding in October and since I wasn't dieting anymore I'd gain it pretty quick, my body is used to low fat & calories. I really need to figure something out because I really don't want to gain a lot of weight. When I spoke to my doctor about it she didn't really seem to care, she said it was better that I gave up the smoking. Well, we'll see. I really need to watch what I eat.

Otherwise everything has been the same. I'm always tired & I have the occasional nausea.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nausea & Vomiting

I've been a pretty lucky preggo! I've had maybe 3 bad nauseous episodes & that's it (so far, I'm only 8 weeks). I read in my book "What to Expect When you're Expecting" that a cause of morning sickness is an empty stomach & to have crackers or something when you wake up. Well my theory on why I haven't had morning sickness is because my stomach is never empty, I'm always eating! We usually eat dinner between 7:30pm-8:30pm then I go to bed shortly after (not good, I know) but that might be the reason I don't wake up sick, I still have something sitting in my stomach.....and during the day I'm usually nibbling on something. I've noticed that if I would hold off eating for a bit I would start getting a bit of a stomach ache. Today Frank was working & I thought he would be home normal time, 5:30pm but he wasn't. I was really having a craving for a hamburger from the diner but didn't want to go alone so I ate an apple & tried to wait for him. Finally a couple hours later he called & said 45 minutes but I started to slowly get nauseous. As I'm on my way to get him my nausea got stronger & stronger and when we got to the diner it was really bad that I actually threw up. This was the 1st time I actually threw up since being pregnant & it was bad because I had nothing to throw up. After that episode I felt a bit better & went into the diner & had my burger & fries....

So I guess I just have to remember to keep *something* in my stomach at all times.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

8 week sonogram

I had my first real sonogram today...well, I had the trans-vaginal kind in my ob/gyn office but we only saw the sac & didn't hear anything. Before me & hubby went I drank 2 bottles of water--I read that it helps see things better & since I'm so early I wanted to anything that would help see as easy as possible. My appointment was for 11am so at 10am I went to the bathroom then drank 2 bottles of water (that was after I drank a YooHoo an hour before). I get there at 11am & it is now 12:10pm with 1 person still in front of me & it looked like only 1 person went in. I had to pee sooo bad that I went to the office down the hall to ask what was going on because I'm sitting for over an hour & about to pee in my pants. The ladies must have felt bad for me because they took me right then & there! I went back to the waiting room to get Frank & said out loud "Lets go get food because it looks like it's gonna be another 45 minutes", I didn't want anyone to get mad. When we left the room I told him they were taking us!

So now I'm sitting on the table while she's doing the test. She is pointing out where the baby is but I'm still so early. According to my last period which was October 16th I should be 8w1d today & according to the measurements of the baby I'm 7w3d. She said that's completely normal that everyone is different & people don't know exactly when they have conceived so a couple days off is completely normal. Since she couldn't see much she wants us to come back when I'm 12 weeks so I have an appt for Jan 12th. She had also pointed to that my bladder was VERY VERY full & that next time I don't have to drink that much (or any). We also heard the heartbeat which was SUPER exciting & saw the fluttering of the beat on the sonogram. It's such a crazy feeling to know you have another little heartbeat inside of you. Today was a great day & I really can't wait to go for the next one which will be 12 weeks, I'm sure we will see so much more!

Here is a picture of the sonogram---

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night 2 update

Wanted to make a quick post that I slept great last night! I think I only woke up once. So it has to be the Prenate Elite giving me the side effects of sleep disturbances, dry mouth & increased urination which are not listed as a side effect. I'm so happy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Prenate Elite

Since finding out I was pregnant I made major changes like quitting smoking (after almost 17 years) & stopped drinking caffeinated drinks (when all I drink is Pepsi & Snapple Ice Tea--like 2 liters a day). So for the last few weeks I really haven't had a good night sleep, a side effect of quitting smoking. I would wake up about every hour or two but I would normally fall right back to sleep. I was also having crazy dreams that would wake me up or I would have to pee. This has been going on for 3 weeks now....

The prenatal vitamins my doctor prescribed are Prenate Elite. She said that if it causes nausea to take them at night before going to bed. Instead of learning the hard way I decided to take them before bed anyway. I would have to wait until my 1st wake up to take it because we eat dinner late & I have Carvel every night--the vitamins should be taken on an empty stomach without diary. Every night during my hourly wake ups I would run to pee then I would have to get a big gulp of water because my mouth would be so dry...which then when I would wake up again I would have to pee then drink more water because I would be so was just a vicious cycle! I just figured the waking up was because of the quitting smoking so I just dealt with it.

Since it didn't seem like the prenatal vitamins were making me nauseous I decided to start taking them in the morning for now on. So last night I didn't take them & I actually slept well & only woke up 2 times. My mouth wasn't dry either, yay, so I didn't have to drink water so I wouldn't wake up an hour later having to pee..... It was just 1 night & I will have to see how it goes but I really think it has to do with the Prenate Elite being taken at night. It's also strange because when looking at the side effects it doesn't mention "sleep disturbances" or "insomnia" or "dry mouth" but that was happening to me. I will update after a few nights rest to see how things go but I think (and hope) I will start sleeping better, yeepee!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Books

When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to get myself a book. I am 100% clueless about pregnancy! When Frank got home from work we went over to Barnes & Nobel and I bought "What to Expect when your Expecting". So far I find it pretty good but I'm only on page 196 out of 586, pretty good for $15.00

The next book I just got today is called "40 Weeks+". It's a pregnancy organizer & it looks pretty cool. I guess most people will use it as their organizer, I like to use my iPhone since I always have it. I plan to use this book as something to look back on many years from now, like a journal. This book seems very thorough and maybe a little bit too organized for me but I'm going to take from it whatever I want & leave some of it blank.

They sell it on Amazon for $14 plus tax, Barnes & Nobel for $20ish-- BUT I got it on THIS WEBSITE for free & just paid the $5 shipping which is priority mail so it came fast. It says it's a "complimentary edition" but it seems to have the same amount of pages as the one that is being sold on amazon, 138 pages. I'm guessing the only difference is that on the back of the 5 dividers & back cover there are advertisements from the sponsors-- which is perfectly fine with me :)

I LOVE getting deals!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I’m planning on making this my own personal journal to write about my pregnancy (and maybe other personal things). I’m gonna start out with some history…..

October 11, 2008 Frank, my boyfriend of 11 years, and I got married after many years of craziness. When we returned from our honeymoon we started the baby making (couldn’t on the honeymoon because I had my period, blah). A few days before my period was to come I took a First Response test & got a big fat negative…I was so sad but the box said it was on 69% accurate when taken that early. Monday, the day my period was to come I decided to take the 2nd test that was in the box which came back as a very faint positive. I showed Frank & asked if he saw that 2nd faint line & he said yes, I wasn’t sure if I was just seeing that line because I wanted that line to show. I ran down to the pharmacy to get an e.p.t test which had 3 tests in the box, 2 regular & 1 digital. I took 1 of the regular tests & got a faint line again.

When searching online it said to wait a few days & take another test. Wednesday morning I woke up & took the 2nd regular test & that faint line was just a tad bit darker. I was really starting to think I was pregnant but wasn’t really sure so I made a doctor’s appointment for that Friday. Since I was starting to think I could be pregnant I only smoked 3 cigarettes that day and Wednesday night November 19, 2008 I had my last cigarette. Friday morning I woke up & took that last digital pregnancy test

I figured why not so I can go to this appointment feeling a little more confident that I was actually pregnant. The results came back “pregnant”, I guess I should have taken it a few days earlier.

So I went to my doctor’s appointment where she did a trans-vaginal sonogram & saw the sac & confirmed that I was indeed 5 weeks pregnant! She also did a regular gyn check up since I haven’t had one in a very long time & took some blood work. She asked me to make an appointment at the hospital to have an OB sonogram in 3 weeks & in 4 weeks to go back & see her.

I have been very lucky so far and have not had any morning sickness. The only complaint I’m having is I’m always so tired and could sleep all day if I wanted to. I’m also always hungry & want to eat but I think that’s a side effect from quitting smoking.

Today when I called the doctor’s office to make my next appointment the receptionist asked if I could come in to retake a blood test. I started getting VERY worried so when I went in the doctor explained that when I came in the 1st time I was very early in my pregnancy & my hCG levels were very low & she just wanted to make sure they increased properly. Well with my luck she was unable to obtain my blood, she couldn’t find a vein to get any blood & said I’ll have to wait until I have the sonogram. I told her that was not good because I was gonna worry for the next weeks & a half. She said not to worry because my progesterone levels were very high & since we saw the sac that day everything should be good. I would have felt a lot better if she was able to take the blood….I’d rather know that they are good instead of “should” be good. Well, I have my appointment for a sonogram & (hopefully) hear the heartbeat on December 12 at 11am….I hope I can stay not worried until then.