Friday, May 15, 2009

30 weeks pregnant belly

A picture of my pregnant belly at exactly 30 weeks (30w0d). My belly looks so different in the morning than the evening. I have to remember next week when I take my picture twice that day. I will take one 1st thing in the morning at 7am while I'm getting ready for work which is on a completely empty stomach. Then I will take one later that evening at 9pm when I get out of work & have eaten. I'll have the same clothes on & I will put them side by side so you can really see the huge difference (literally, hehe) . My belly is huge at night & I feel so bloated. I'm so glad I've been taking my belly shots the 1st thing in the morning the entire pregnancy because I think they're more accurate.



~Y said...

How is sleeping now? Has your OB recommended left side sleeping yet? Omg, that was hard for me, because Im a back or stomach sleeper! Your belly is so cute! Getting bigger!!! Exciting times!!!! :-)

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