Friday, May 15, 2009

First baby purchase

I made my 1st baby purchase the other day while up at my parents house crib/dresser shopping. They have a Walmart up there so since we were in there looking at the cribs I checked out the baby clothes. When I saw this NY Yankees onesie with a matching bib & booties I HAD to buy it!


After Walmart we came down to my area & went to Babies R Us where we got the crib & matching dresser. I knew I wanted to get a natural or honey color wood and I wanted the dresser to have the changing cushion on top so once I saw this I loved it.

I really don't want to buy much until after I see what we get from the baby shower. Since I'm waiting for the baby shower I really can't get the nursery ready which kinda stinks. I still have 2 months to go so I have time.....but then again I'm only getting bigger & bigger and it's getting hotter & hotter so I'm not gonna wanna do much around here.


Emily said...

I can't believe you're 30 weeks and haven't bought anything!!!! My rule was that we pretty much have to be done by 30 weeks! You are definitely a braver woman than I!

Cute crib and change table!

Yakini said...

Love the crib and changing table! I also like that honey/pecan color, and thats the color of ours as well. :-) Is it a convertible crib (ie, day bed, toddler bed, full size bed)?

Agree with you about not buying too much stuff before the shower. Smart idea! You will get sooo much of what you need, plus gift cards to Targe'/Babies R Us... so its better to just wait and see what you get, then shop and fill in whats needed afterward! Worked out well for us doing it that way.