Friday, July 10, 2009

38 week Dr. Appointment

Had my weekly OB appointment today. Today we will officially start weekly since last week since it was a holiday weekend. We went over the ultrasound about the kidney & she said all was good. A couple weeks ago when I went there was a problem with the left kidney. She said that when we went the other day the left kidney was fine that the right kidney level was high on the normal side. So basically since it was within range no further tests are needed. I will still worry like crazy but I do have some relief.
Other than that everything else went good. The heart rate was good & strong. My vital signs & urine results were normal. My weight....ughhh. I gained another 4 lbs to make it a grand total of 59 lbs! OMG!
I finally got my disability forms filled out by her. I've been so bad with not bringing them.
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