Tuesday, July 14, 2009

38w5d OB appt.

I had another OB appointment today. My regular doctor is on vacation this week so I had to see the other doctor & today was the only day.
My vital signs & urine was good. My weight since Friday...I lost 1 lb :). Hehe, that was nice to hear, even tho it's prolly because of what I was wearing or something.
I went in to see the different doc. She asked if my feet were swollen & i told her that they do get swollen sometimes. She came to check & saw that the left ankle was pretty swolle. I told her about the occasional pain I was getting in my lower abdomen yesterday. I also told her how much the baby was moving yesterday so maybe that's why I was feeling a stretching pain. She decided to give me an internal since a week & a half ago when my doc gave me one I was completely closed...she wanted to see if the feelings I was having was me getting ready down there.
We went in & listened to the heartbeat first. It was nice & strong at 142 bpm. She measured my stomach & said it was at 37 weeks which was good. Then the internal. She said I was 1 cm dialated, still pretty thick and she felt the baby's head & said it was low. Yay! Finally something!
The doctor was VERY nice. I honestly wish I had her the entire time, shhhh, don't tell my doctor. At the end she got up, gave me a hug & said good luck. A hug? How sweet! I'll have to remember to pick her for the next baby, lol!