Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 40 doctor appt

Had my weekly doctor's appointment today. My due date was yesterday & still nothing. I talked to her about my problems, like the pain in my butt, swelling & how uncomfortable I am. We went in & did an internal & she said there was no change from last week which was 1 cm dilated & my cervix is still thick. She did say the baby's head was right there which I knew because I feel movement between my legs a lot. She checked the heartbeat & to me it sounded a bit strange but she said it was ok that it sounded different because the baby wasn't moving at the moment. I'm guessing she wasn't really 100% sure either because she said I could come to the hospital tomorrow (she's on call there) and have a non-stress test & check the fluids around the baby.
She then asked me what I wanted to do about delivery. She asked if I wanted things to go naturally or if I wanted to come in next week Thursday & be induced. Next Thursday will be a week after my due date. She also said she will be on call there so I would have her for delivery that Thursday/Friday. I told her I'd let her know tomorrow during the stress test so I could talk with my husband tonight & see.
I really think I will do it next Thursday (if she doesn't wanna come out before, crossing fingers that she will) because I'm just so uncomfortable. I'm having such a problem walking because my pelvis is in so much pain. I'm also really nervous because I know an induction is so much more painful. Ughh, I really gotta try & get things going naturally. Me & my husband really gotta get our groove on in the bedroom but neither of us want to. I just feel big, fat & uncomfortable and he just feels weird thinking he'll either squish my belly or putting "stuff" on the baby...who knows, I haven't complained lol! We keep saying we will but we don't. Now that my due date passed yesterday time is ticking.
We shall see how things go tomorrow with the non-stress test.


B and Fs first baby said...

Inducing is painful?! Hopefully, it doesn't come to that.
I was actually born almost 4 weeks late (granted this was 1980 and it sounds like due dates were very 'off' back then...) and they were going to induce my mom, but when they stripped her membranes (I think - she just says they did something down there) I was born that afternoon. Careful though - I was born in 45 minutes - 30 min after the water broke and 15 min after my mom got to the hospital!!! :) I guess that is something good about late babies! lol
Good luck and I'm cheering for you and your baby!! :)

Crysi said...

I was induced with Adia and went all natural. She was born 6 hours after my water broke. The twins had some help too. Doctor broke my water at 9am and they were born at 12:30p. That labor was excruciating and I couldn't wait for the epi my doctor required me to have. No pit needed for the twins, but I was starting at 6cm.

Jamie said...

maybe you should ask your doctor to strip your membranes if you haven't? i heard that works wonders, as well as sex :P

Michael St. James said...

aw man...i wish i found your blog sooner! i love pregnancy blogs! anyway, i'm sure she'll come out soon!

Michael St. James said...

nevermind...i just saw the twitpic! she is so cute!