Monday, April 13, 2009

6th month appointment

My monthly OB appointment went well. I always get nervous just before I'm about to walk in the door at the office, I don't know why.
My blood pressure was good & so what the diabetes test. The baby's heartbeat was nice & loud and she said I was measuring out good.
For the next appointment she game me a glucose drink

and I have to drink it an hour before my blood is going to be taken. My appointment is at 9am which means I gotta drink this at around 8am. I'm not very good with bad tasting stuff so early in the morning. Also my veins are VERY hard to find & taking my blood is a at least a 30 minute job of sticking & sticking so I'm wondering if I should drink is 30 minutes before my appointment. Ahhh, I'll figure it out.
All in all things are going great!


Jamie said...

I had to take the early glucose test during my FIRST trimester so you can imagine how I was not looking forward to that during the morning sickness stage. Don't dread it, it's not that bad! The drink tastes like a super sweet sugar drink. Just chug it and you hardly taste it. I slept during the hour that they were waiting so it was over before I knew it.

Jamie said...

Also, don't drink water or eat anything after you drink that. The tech told me that anything can mess up the results and then you will need to go back and do a THREE hour test! Not fun!

SW said...

Eehhh, I remember that drink tasting like a combination of super sugary orange soda/gatorade! lol! I trust everything turned out okay though?!!

This is so exciting, reading ure blog! Feels like im experiencing my pregnancy all over again!!!! :-)