Monday, April 27, 2009

Bonding (?)

For a little while now I've been having a different kind of feeling. It's really hard to explain, especially in writing, but I'm gonna give it a try.....

Lately when I'm going somewhere or or doing something that I don't want to do I think about how I have my little baby with me. An example is going to work. I hate going to work...I mean really hate it especially on the weekends. I work 12 hour shifts (really 13 hours) so it's 3 days a week & very long days. I have to work every other weekend & the weekends are (usually) the only days I have to work 2 days in a row so I really dread those 2 days. Even though I hate having to go, it feels kinda different because I know I get to take my little baby with me. It's not like I can play or even look at her, it's just knowing that she is in there & I feeling her squirm around inside my belly. It's kind of like a 'complete' or 'whole' feeling in my heart.

I hope that made sense. Maybe when I can find the right words to how I feel I'll make a better post.


Jamie said...

of course it makes sense! i'm just getting to the point where i can start feeling movements so hopefully my little one will help me through work too :)