Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 3D ultrasound

I had my 3D ultrasound the day before yesterday & it was truly amazing!! I knew from the 1st few weeks of my pregnancy that I wanted to have one but my husband was kinda freaked out about it. When we went for our normal 12 week ultrasound the sonographer had said that sometimes the baby isn't completely formed & people get freaked out by the 3D u/s. My husband really didn't like that so he didn't want to go & have the 3D u/s but I talked him into it anyway. I was allowed to have 3 other people come so my mom & sister came too.
They told me to come hungry & not to eat 4 hours before the appointment. On the way there I kept feeling the baby kick so that was a good thing. We finally get there & I was sooo excited!! They told us that we had to pay for our package 1st & that they get $50 out of it regardless of how the pictures come out. As soon as I got on the table the sonographer was on my belly for maybe 2 minutes...the baby's hands were in her face so the sonographer said to go get an orange juice & get something to eat then come back. As we are outside getting something I was cursing her out-- "she didn't even try or give it time", "this is bull", "they don't care because they will get $50 anyway".... We were prepared to flip out of she didn't give the next go a chance but this time the baby was pretty cooperative....

As we are watching the 4D part of it my sister & mom kept laughing which was then making me laugh. It's so weird seeing the baby's eye open, mouth open, arms/legs move... It's not good for me to laugh because it screws up the picture so I had to stop looking at them.
I also wanted to get a confirmation that we were having a girl so we said before we got there that we would not tell them & have them tell us. Well that was a waste because I'm so used to saying "her" that I kept doing it-- "Her arm is moving" "Her mouth opened" "OMG look at her tongue!". And I wasn't the only one doing it, so was my sister &'s hard not to!

It's a really strange looking picture & I would never in a million years figure out that this was her private area but she seemed to know what she was talking about.
She also did all the measurements of the baby & they all measured out perfectly. My husband was saying "did you see how when she was doing the measurements they all measured out perfectly! Only a day or two difference.". At the end of the measurements the average of them was my exact time. That made me happy because I keep thinking I'm gonna have a big baby because I'm eating like a pig & I've already gained 30 lbs with 3 months still to go. The weight of the baby is 2 lbs 5 oz.
My husband really enjoyed it too. When we got to the place he wasn't excited like I was, he wouldn't even help me pick out the package & kept saying "this is your thing". I think he was kind of nervous so it kept him pretty quite even my mom asked if he was ok. While we were in there he really perked up. He kept saying how amazing it was & he was excited. When it was time to pick out our 6 printed pictures at the end he was really into it. When we got home & were were looking at the picture he would say "she has my nose". I really think she has his lips too. Even yesterday after work when we were at dinner he was looking at the pictures I put on my phone & he was saying "this is really amazing". I had asked him if he knew the outcome would be like this would he do it again & he said yes :)
This was definitely a really exciting time & I'm really happy we did this. It was well worth the $125 (plus tax). The sonographer really knew what she was doing & I was quick to judge her in the beginning...I can blame my pregnancy hormones, I'm allowed!


Rae said...

She's a beauty! I'm glad it went well for you today.

Crysi said...

So cute! Our girls haven't been very cooperative lately. Their hands are always in front of their faces or Baby A puts her butt right in Baby A's face. It's kinda funny, but doesn't make the best pictures.

Glad you got good ones. Love the tongue. That's too funny.

Jess said...

Oh my amazing! I haven't and don't think I will get them done but at the same time it makes me wonder what my baby looks like! Simply amazing!

Jamie said...

Wow, that is amazing. I was kinda scared away from it since some of them turn out freaky. I don't know if we will do it but I'm glad yours went well!

3d ultrasounds said...

Very cute ultrasound pictures. I wanted to do one my last pregnancy but it didn’t happen.